Thursday, April 29, 2010

wanting to Hire or rent a camera?

For every big event in our lives such as weddings, birthday's or anniversaries, it is has become a need to have something to remember those special occasions. That something comes in the form of camera's which come in an array of sized and features. That is exactly what happened to me during one if the events that I attended, and was asked to take a shot of. But I have two big problems, one, I don't have a decent camera, and since these events don't come often I didn't had the need to buy one, until now, second, I don't have the budget, specially in our time when money seems hard to come by.

I thought of a way and its camera hire and luckily, I found a website that answers both my questions. Its a camera for hire website and I even saw the camera that's fit for the job. The sony camera hire which I choose is the Sony HVR-Z1E high definition camcorder, Not only did I look like a professional camera guy, I also had very good shots for my event.The Sony Z1 Camera Hire which I got not only saved me a lot of money but also provided the immediate need for a device to keep our lovely memories forever.

Nokia 5130 Xpress Music

The Nokia 5130 Xpress Music or the 5130 XM is another classic bar shape phone from Nokia's Xpress Music Line and comes in three colors, blue, silver and red. Just like any music phone from Nokia, it specializes in excellent music but that is not all  this gadget has to offer. Its basic specifications include:
  • Bright screen up to  256K colors
  • Numeric Keypad
  • Dedicated music keys
  • Voice Command
  • USB connectivity
  • 3.5 mm audio jack output
  • micro SD card slot
  • Bluetooth
  • GPRS and EDGE
  • Approxiamtely 6 hours of talk time
  • Approximately 288 hours of stand-by time
  • Supports IMAP, POP, SMTP, OMA EMN
  • Supporteds HTML, XHTML for web browsing
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Video recording
  • Symbian series 40 Operating System

First thing I noticed is the very small box, unlike previous Nokia phones whose boxes were at least twice the width of their phone's unlike the box of Nokia 5130 XM.

 The reason for such a small box may probably be due to two reasons: one is that it only contains the basics, these include the phone, battery, 1GB micro SD memory card, charger, headset and the smallest USB connector from Nokia I have ever seen, the second reason is just my theory of Nokia's effort to save resources and to cut prices.

 Nokia made good with the cellphone's casing, because its very convenient to hold, I would however, comment on the numeric keypad because the 2 keypad is very close to the D-pad, it might be better to add a bit of space between. Found on the left side of the phone are the dedicated music keys, its also the Radio keys for Radio listing.

 On the right side of the phone is where the volume controls are located as well as the micro SD slot. On top are conveniently placed 3.5 mm jack output, power slot and the micro USB port.

 At the back you'll notice the design on the lower portion which is where the speakers are located. Also, there is the 2.0 Camera with out flash.

 In all the Nokia 5130XM is a great phone, and considering its retail price of about Php6,000 or rougly US $135. I think the phone is between mid-range to low-range device, considering its price tag and the features that it provides. The feel and touch is great and the audio is very nice, specially when you use the 3.5 mm audio jack output and connect it to your home sound system. The down side for this phone is probably its camera, even though it has 2.0 Mega Pixels, the pictures are mediocre, probably due to the lack of flash. Also, I'm not a great fan of the series 40 of symbian,  it would have been great to use a series 60 instead, avoiding the short-cut keys of attachments to your text editor. All in all, the phone is great for its price tag, and does best what it's meant for, having great music.

KVM Switch

A Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) Switch or KVM switch is a device that is used to control multiple system units using only one Monitor, one keyboard and one switch. Just as what I have here, I used a two port KVM switch to control two system units. KVM switches are useful because they are sometimes cheaper than monitors and can save a lot of space. This device is also ideal for people who manage multiple computers control them on a single seat. KVM switches vary, some allow buttons to switch from one computer or server to another, while some allows shortcut keys to keep the administrator from going to and fro the KVM switch.

How to connect a bluetooth device to nokia 5800

Everyday whenever I travel its almost impossible not to see people listing to their music, either through their cellphones, MP3 players or even the background music from buses, and I guess I'm one of them. But sometimes having all that wire from your earphones is pretty annoying, that is why it's convenient to use a bluetooth headset to skip all that wire and enjoy your music wire free.

It took me a while to learn how to connect a bluetooth headset to a Nokia 5800 and here is what I did.

1. On your phone Tap Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth
2. Turn your bluetooth "on"
3. Above the menu, tap the right arrow or the connectivity sign in between the two bluetooth logo, to view your paired devices
4. Tap "Option and select "New Paired Device".
5. Make sure your bluetooth headset is switched on and is ready to be paired or in pairing mode, Tap "More Devices"
6. Select the device as it appears on the list, if you do not see your device, just try tapping "More Devices" again
7. If the device request's for a code, enter the code provided by the manufacturer of the bluetooth headset
8. Select if you wish to connect the device automatically in the future
9. Select connect when asked, and your bluetooth headset should be connected

Monday, March 22, 2010

How to setup proxy for Nokia 5800

I would like to share something that took me a while to figure out with my Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic. That is setting up a proxy for connecting to a network that requires proxy settings. I would assume that your phone has its WLAN scanning turned "on" and that your unit can detect the wireless network. Configuring a proxy for your Nokia 5800 is not difficult , here is what i did.

1. On your phone go to or tap Settings > Connectivity > Destinations > Internet
2. Choose and tap the network you wish to access
3. Inside choose options and select advanced settings
4. If the network needs an IP address you can select it and add the IP address, otherewise, just leave it and enter the proxy address and port number for your network

One done, you should be able to connect to your network.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Develop INEO 353

A couple of weeks ago our office purchased a new copier, its the new Develop Ineo 353 which according to our supplier is the latest model available in the country for state of the art copiers.

Since our office requires a lot of photocopies which needs to be sorted and stapled, I requested to add a finisher, so that papers are not only sorted but stapled as well. This feature is very convenient for bulk copying.

Then we do not want to constantly pull the cover up and down every time we copy documents, not only does it strain our arms but its also time consuming and is not recommended for quick copying of documents for those crucial moments. A feeder was installed not only for easy copying but also to allow back-to-back scanning and copying, according to the technician who installed the feeder, the safe volume of paper would be 100 but of course I would like to try if it can handle more.

Ineo 353 features monochrome as well as colored copying, touch screen colored console, scanning with electronic copies stored on a PC, RJ 45 plug for connection via Local Area Network (LAN), fax machine, can act as a network printer, fast output at 35 ppm for colored and b/w (we have yet to test this one), password protection, can enlarge or reduce images, control the density of print, compact design which perfect for space consious offices, accepts up to A3 size papers and scans, and other features of a normal copier.

Since its a colored copier and scanner, it has four toners Magenta, Cyan, Blue and Black. The imaging units are also of four types based on the colors mentioned. I think the only disadvantage that the machine has is the price. It cost around $7,500 and up depending on your supplier and the consumables would cost around $1,300 for each of the imaging unit and $220 for each of the toners as a rough estimate. But according to our supplier the consumables can produce around 100,000 copies but ofcourse that is still a rough estimate since you can control the density of the colors and would also depend on what are you actually copying.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I have here a very intersting, very useful and very practical gadget, its a Local Area Network (LAN) device which can be plugged to your Universal Serial Bus (USB) in short its a USB LAN.

This is very usuful for those who have damaged LAN cards or to those who use old computers that needs a bit of upgrade or parts replacements, and its best for those who are not really that knowledgeable when it comes to computer devices plus its cheap, around 250 to 300 bucks or 5 to 6 US dollars.

What you get when you buy one basically are these two items, the USB LAN itself and the CD which contains the driver for the device.

I used an old Compaq Presario which is kinda ancient in the laptop world but the device still works fine. I used it because the laptop doesnt have a LAN card good thing it has a single USB port, i can use a USB hub later, but for now its nice to know that I can connect through the USB LAN. By the way my old laptop doesnt have wifi, and why didnt I just buy a USB wifi device, well even though I have a wifi router its still better to use wired connection, specially for my old laptop.